A view of the 1893 Coffee and Cream ordering counter.

About Us

In 1893, the neighborhood of Havelock was incorporated as a township. 130 years later, this community northeast of Lincoln retains its identity and charm. At 1893 Coffee & Cream, we love Havelock and we’re thrilled to contribute a unique product and gathering space in service of the strong sense of community in this locale. Our business was envisioned by members of Havelock who aim to embody the hands and feet of Jesus here. Thus, it is our mission to add value to the people of this community through the friendly service of exceptional coffee.

Core Values:
Exceptional – We strive for the quality of excellence in everything we produce.

Transformational – We strive to authentically serve our customers and employees with an aim to make a transformative impact in lives for their ultimate good.

Incarnational – We strive to add value to the community of Havelock. We desire for 1893 to become a bright spot in this neighborhood.

Barista pours milk into a coffee mug.
Barista holds a 1893 Coffee and Cream to go cup outstretched towards the camera.
Barista pours milk into coffee mug that sits on a table with coffee beans spilled around it.
A view of the 1893 Coffee and Cream ordering counter.
A view of the 1893 Coffee & Cream conference room.
A view of the 1893 Coffee & Cream conference room.
A picture of the 1893 Coffee & Cream to go cup.

Book our Conference Room

We have a conference room available for use. The best way to claim the room for yourself is to use our online reservation calendar. We are passionate about serving the Havelock community and want to be able to provide a space for meetings, Bible studies or even gatherings for friends to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good conversation. To book our conference room, we ask that you reserve it at least 24 hours in advance. We have 4 different time slots available to choose from: 30 min, 1 hour, 1 ½ hours, and 2-hour options. If you need a longer time slot than the 2 hours that is available, or you have a group larger than 10 people please reach out to us here to discuss your request. We look forward to meeting and serving you!